Meet the Team


Asanti Reynolds

Sales Administrator

My name is Asanti and I am the Sales Administrator here at Digital Distribution.

In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym and binge watching series on Netflix. I have probably watched every series you can think of! I am a big foodie and love a night out with the girls.

Favourite Product:
My favourite product would be the Insta 360 GO, although it is small it can capture some great shots.

Guilty Pleasure:
My guilty pleasure has to be chocolate, I just can't resist!


Amy McManamon

Account Manager

My name is Amy and I am one of the sales account managers here at Digital Distribution.

I love travelling, festivals, animals and anything to do with social media as I am never of it especially Instagram I am hooked! I enjoy meeting up with friends and family having a meal or few drinks.

Favourite Product:
I love the AirCross 2 I think it's brilliant so if anyone wants to buy one contact me!

Guilty Pleasure:
90s music and a big bottle of wine I can’t resist ( I am half Irish so it’s in the blood)


Georgia Meredith

Marketing Manager

My name is Georgia and I am the apprentice web/marketing developer here at Digital Distribution.

I enjoy disaster films, watching YouTube, listening to music and I love using social media. I love dogs and have two of my own. I also enjoy going out for dinner…basically anything that involves food, I’m there!

Favourite Product:
My favourite product would have to be the Insta360 ONE X as you can film 360° videos!

Guilty Pleasure:
Watching the TV show Miranda over and over again...


Hannah Canones

Accounts Assistant

My name is Hannah and I am an accounts assistant here at Digital Distribution.

I enjoy watching Netflix and I love capturing beautiful nature photos. Oh, and I love food.

Favourite Product:
Moza Mini-S - Perfect for capturing moments from your holiday!

Guilty Pleasure:
Twitch - I waste time watching video game streamers.


Joe Hayes

Warehouse Manager

My name is Joe and I help run the Warehouse at Digital Distribution.

I am a massive football fan and support Arsenal FC, I’m very into my music and listen to many genres(stormzy & catfish and the bottle men are top of my playlist at the moment). I’m also a very big fan of food…mostly nandos. My background is in sport and outdoors, so working in the warehouse helps keep me active on my toes. Although I do appreciate a nice pint of beer at the pub!

Favourite Product:
Inov8 power bank- so I can charge my phone on the go.

Guilty Pleasure:
Instagram - @joehayes17


Kady McVeigh

Web Developer

Hi, my name's Kady and I help develop and maintain our website.

I'm a massive animal lover, its my ambition to one day own a St Bernard, I'd call it Bernard. I love music, and singing terribly to it. I'm a massive Foodie! but I'm always on a diet (starts on Monday) I LOVE wine with friends, and after a few on a night out, I'll be the one seen dancing around the whole dance floor on my own!
I'm addicted to iced coffee.

Favourite Product:
Fuji instax - 'cause they can make even the worst photos look good!

Guilty Pleasure:
Country Music


Kirsty Campbell

Sales Account Manager

My name is Kirsty and I look after your orders here at Digital Distribution.

I love my nails, Selfies and being a child with my son. Oh! and Brandy. My favourite place is Cornwall, im otherwise known as kirgy burger but my work colleagues call me Little Miss Mayhem (no idea why?)

Favourite Product:
Instax camera because it has a selfie mirror

Guilty Pleasure:
It’s a secret! But I may enlighten you at some point...


Lewis Gorton

Systems Processing

My name is Lewis, I deal with anything Amazon related as well as handling all Customer Returns at Digital Distribution.

I’m a big fan of gaming, especially Fortnite, and have only one question for you…Xbox or Playstation?. I’m an even bigger fan of food and being a chef for the first year and a half of my working life has kind of made me a food snob. My biggest hobby is working on cars and I’m known as being a bit of a ‘Boy Racer’.

Favourite Product:
My favourite product is definitely the Party in A Box, I can make all my fire mixtapes on it!

Guilty Pleasure:
Any kind of souped up Japanese car (R34 Skyline <3)


Matt Paine

Managing Director

My name is Matt and I’m the Managing Director at Digital Distribution.

Being active and a keen footballer I still believe I have what It takes to make the big time and hit the heights of the premium league, but my age is telling me differently, so, VETS football will have to do! I also enjoying skiing, golf and watching films and keep as far away from DIY as possible.

Favourite Product:
Removu S1 GoPro Gimbal must have when Skiing.

Guilty Pleasure:
KFC on those cheat days!


Otis Ogle

Systems Director

My name is Otis and I am the systems and IT director here at Digital Distribution.

I love lifting heavy things at the gym, drinking coffee and love American TV shows (I’m looking at you, The Walking Dead). I am a qualified dolphin shaver (I have 0 qualifications) but feel I’ve learnt a tonne by being involved in business since I was 18. I have never been able to get used to Xbox/PlayStation controllers so always game on PC’s. If you catch me in the pub I’m a Rum and Coke please.

Favourite Product:
Probably the Removu gadgets

Guilty Pleasure:
The movie Hook & Yankee candles


Ron Deprez

Sales Director

My name is Ron and I am the Sales Director at Digital Distribution, (I'm the one on the left).

I love playing golf (10 if you’re asking), cooking and supporting Middlesbrough football club. I am a qualified engineer and moved down south some 25 years ago. I like real ale and never watch movies as they are too long! My favourite smell is cardamom.

Favourite Product:
Moza Air 2 - Brilliant product!

Guilty Pleasure:
Toxic by Britney Spears and fish finger sandwiches

Seans pic

Sean Grattan

Office Administrator Apprentice

My name is Sean and I am the Apprentice accounts administrator here at Digital Distribution.

I enjoy combat sports such as kickboxing and watching horror films. My dream is to become a professional kickboxer. I like playing on my PS4 when I have free time, my favourite game is Battlefield 4 and I hate Football.

Favourite Product:
X-T20 because I’m better than Georgia at taking photos

Guilty Pleasure:


Stuart "Park" Bench

International Sales Director

My name is Stuart and I am the International Sales Director at Digital Distribution

I love playing football for a Vets team (Veterans not animal Doctors!), driving to Spain and supporting Aston Villa.I have a household full of children and cats, like any low-quality action movie that usually stars Jason Statham and I drink Tea at home and Coffee at work, wierdo!

Favourite Product:
Any Inov8 picture frame, the face papers are all photos of my girls. They’re a bit older now and all get embarrassed seeing themselves in the shops – I thinks it’s great

Guilty Pleasure:
Any TV that Simon Cowell is behind, X-Factor, Britain’s got Talent…….


Korin Winney


Hi, I’m Korin and I am an accountant here at Digital Distribution.

I spend the majority of my time watching Netflix and YouTube. Clearly I don’t get out much, but when I do I go on forest walks with my dad and his very cute German Shephard X Huskie Maja! Music has always been one of my passions and I would like to own a Grand Piano one day, but I need a house to fit it in first! I mainly listen to Indie music, The 1975, The Kooks and everyone loves a bit of Ed Sheeran.

Favourite Product:
Moza Mini-Mi because it charges your phone while you are filming.

Guilty Pleasure:
Harry Potter films, books, anything really!


Will Barsby

Operations Director

Hi, my name's Will and I am the Operations Director at Digital Distribution.

I’m a massive fan of Formula 1! I enjoy cooking and photography. My background is in design, building Digital Distributions 1st website (many iterations ago).I’ve always loved Chinese culture and cuisine, spending a year living in Guangzhou, China, in 2014 – best year ever!
Oh! and Jamesons, just the one ice cube!

Favourite Product:
Fujifilm X-T2 – I own one, love it!

Guilty Pleasure:
Christmas Songs


Vijay Amin

Finance Director

Hi, my name's Vijay and I am the Finance Director at Digital Distribution.

Favourite Product:
Sony a7 camera!

Guilty Pleasure:


Chris Hawkes

External Sales Agent

My name is Chris and I am the National Account Manager at Digital Distribution.

I'm a keen photographer and love flying model aircraft when the british weather permits. I'm qualified in electronic engineering and marketing management and moved to the UK from South Africa in 1997. I still support the Springboks especially when they play against England

Favourite Product:
Fujifilm X-T3 –It's an awesome piece of kit

Guilty Pleasure:
I love 80's synth pop music and still DJ at charity events


David Botfield

External Sales Agent

My Name is David and I am the sales Account Manager for the South-East area.

I love eating out and going to the theatre. I am a lifelong supporter of Arsenal Football Club. I also like music with many weird tastes, such as Meatloaf alongside Celine Dion and The Beatles.

Favourite Product:
The Fuji X Series

Guilty Pleasure:
Eating Tapas in the back streets of Nerja, Spain


Nigel Terry

External Sales Agent

My name is Nigel and I am the sales agent for the Southwest of England, the most beautiful part of the country.

We have a Canadian canoe which we paddle at every opportunity. I am passionate about growing vegetables and making bread, by hand. I have been married for 40 years and have three children and 2 gorgeous grandchildren. I support West Ham United and Plymouth Devils speedway team.

Favourite Product:
I love our selection of frames giving our customers the greatest choice!

Guilty Pleasure:
My guilty pleasure is I still take sugar with tea and coffee!

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