Fujinon Tripod adapter

Fujinon FMT tripod adapter

The Fujinon FMT tripod adapter is a sturdy and reliable accessory designed to allow you to mount your binoculars onto a tripod for enhanced stability and precision during extended observation sessions. The adapter is compatible with Fujinon's FMT and MT series binoculars and can also fit other binocular models with a 1/4-inch threading.

The tripod adapter is made of high-quality aluminum, ensuring durability and strength while keeping the weight to a minimum. The adapter's design features a large thumbscrew that allows you to securely attach and detach the adapter from your binoculars without the need for any tools or complicated adjustments.

The adapter also features a 360-degree rotating collar that allows you to adjust the orientation of your binoculars to match your viewing preferences easily. This feature is especially useful when observing objects that move quickly, such as birds or wildlife, allowing you to track them easily without having to move your tripod.

The Fujinon FMT tripod adapter is easy to use and install, making it an excellent accessory for anyone who wants to enhance their viewing experience by using their binoculars with a tripod. It offers a stable and secure platform for your binoculars, allowing you to observe for longer periods without experiencing any fatigue or discomfort.

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