TTArtisan 50mm F0.95

M50mm F0.95 Lens can be used on the following cameras:

Leica M-mount M2、M3、M4、M5、M6、M7、M8、M9、M9P、M10、M262、M240、M240P、M10P、M10M
SONY E-mount (With adapter M-E)A7、A7Ⅱ(A7M2)、A7Ⅲ (A7M3) 、A7R、A7RⅡ(A7RM2)、A7RⅢ(A7RM3)、A7RⅣ(A7M4)、A7S、A7SⅡ(A7SM2)、A7SⅢ(A7SM3)、A9、A7C
Nikon Z-mount (With adapter M-Z)Z6、Z7、Z50
Canon RF-mount (With adapter M-RF)EOS R、RP、R5
Fuji GFX-mount (With adapter M-GFX)GFX100、GFX 50S、GFX 50R、GFX100S
L-mount (With adapter M-L)LUMIX S1、S1R、S1H | sigma FP | Leica T、TL、SL、CL、TL2
HASSELBLAD X1D (With adapter M-X1D)X1DⅠ、X1DⅡ

Please Note: Recent camera releases may not be included on this list

TTArtisan 50mm F0.95

A manual focus lens designed for mirrorless cameras.

Ultra-fast maximum aperture of f/0.95, produces a shallow depth of field and beautiful bokeh. The lens is constructed with 11 elements, including a large aspherical element and 8 high refractive index elements, ensuring sharp image quality at wide apertures. Its all-metal body provides durability and a premium feel, and its de-clicked aperture ring allows for smooth control. Popular among portrait and low-light photographers.


• Manual focus lens for mirrorless cameras with a fast aperture.
• Standard 50mm focal length for versatile shooting.
• Compatible with various camera mounts.
• High-quality optics for sharp images and minimal aberrations.
• Smooth and precise manual focus control.
• Durable metal build for longevity.
• Produces pleasing bokeh with creamy backgrounds.
• Minimum focusing distance of 0.6m (2ft).
• Unique character and distinct rendering.
• Cost-effective alternative to high-speed lenses.

Faster Shutter Speed, Lower ISO Sensitivity   Shallow Depth of field
When shooting without a tripod, it's common to get blurred shadows if the shutter speed is too slow, and increasing the ISO can lead to noise in the image. To solve this issue, using a wide aperture of F0.95 can be a helpful solution.   The utilization of a 14-blade diaphragm result The 50mm lens has been called the standard focal length " what you shoot is what you see", which allows you more focus on the essence of photography's in a soft and attractive background blur.

The 50mm Standard Focal Length   Click Aperture
The 50mm lens is often referred to as the standard focal length that captures what you see and enables you to concentrate on the core of photography.   A manual lens offers precise aperture control and a smooth turning feel, resulting in photographs that have a more personal touch.

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