TTArtisan 40mm F2.8 APS-C

APS-C 40mm F2.8 MACRO Lens can be used on the following cameras:

SONY E-mount A5000、A5100、A6000、A6100、A6300、A6400、A6500、A6600、NEX-3、NEX-3N、NEX-3R、NEX-5T、NEX-5R、NEX-5、NEX-5N、NEX-7、NEX5C
Fuji X-mount X-A1、X-A10、X-A2、X-A2、X-A3、X-A5、X-A7、X-M1、X-M2、X-H1、X-T1、X-T10、X-T2、X-T20、X-T3、X-T4、X-T100、X-T200、X-T30、X-PR01、X-PR02、X-PR03、X-E1、X-E2、X-E2S、X-E3、XS10
Canon M-mount M1、M2、M3、M5、M6、M6II、M10、M100、M50
Canon RF-mount EOS R、RP、R5
Nikon Z-mount Z6、Z7、Z50、Z5、Z6II、Z7II
M43-mount (Panasonic)G1、G2、G3、G5、G6、G7、G85、GF1、GF2、GF3、GF5、GF6、GF7、GF8、GF9、GX1、GX7、GX8、GX9、GM1、GM5、GM10、GH1、GH2、GH3、GH4、GH5
L-mount Leica:T、TL、TL2、CL、Sigma:FP(Camera settings: APS-C mode)

Please Note: Recent camera releases may not be included on this list

TTArtisan APS-C 40mm F2.8 Macro Lens

The TTArtisan APS-C 40mm F2.8 Macro Lens is a compact prime lens for APS-C cameras. Its 40mm focal length and 1:1 maximum magnification ratio offer versatility and close-up capabilities. The f/2.8 aperture, solid metal body, and manual focus design provide good low-light performance, durability, and precise control. Ideal for small subjects such as flowers and insects.


• Compact prime lens for APS-C cameras

• 40mm focal length and 1:1 maximum magnification ratio

• Versatile and close-up capabilities

• F/2.8 aperture for good low-light performance

• Solid metal body for durability

• Manual focus design for precise control

• Ideal for small subjects such as flowers and insects

1:1 Magnification, see another world   Low-dispersion lens, High image quality
The world is full of wonderful things, but there are hidden marvels in the micro world that the naked eye cannot see. The TTArtisan 40mm f2.8 Macro lens with its 1:1 magnification offers a new perspective, allowing you to explore and capture the extraordinary details of the micro world with ease.

  Comprising 8 elements in 7 groups, the lens structure incorporates two extra-low dispersion glasses that effectively reduce chromatic aberrations across the entire frame. This results in exceptional image quality and color accuracy that impresses even the most discerning photographers.

F2.8 Large aperture, Dreamy Bokeh   More Than Macro photography
At its core, photography is the art of manipulating light through optics. With a maximum aperture of F2.8, this lens allows for creative freedom even in low light conditions. Additionally, the large aperture produces an aesthetically pleasing background that can add depth to photographs and draw the viewer's attention to the subject, enhancing the overall visual impact of the image.   The 40mm APS-C lens has a similar angle of view to a 60mm full-frame lens, offering a standard perspective suitable for a variety of photography genres. With its close focus capability and large aperture, this lens also performs exceptionally well in portrait photography, allowing for creative control and beautiful bokeh.

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