Hasselblad Lens XCD 4/45P mm


Hasselblad XCD Lenses are some of the finest optics available on the market today. These lenses, which are all designed in Sweden, have all gone through rigorous development, testing and production processes to ensure they satisfy the demands of high-end mirrorless digital capture and high resolution sensors.

Light enough for any Adventure

XCD 4/45P

The XCD 4/45P is the world’s lightest digital medium format autofocus lens on the market today, weighing 320g (0.7 lbs). Its compact, lightweight build combined with world class optics makes it the perfect lens for travel, exploration, and documentary.

As the most lightweight member of the X System lens range, its size perfectly complements the compact X1D II body. Like the other XCD Lenses, the XCD 45P has an integral central shutter offering a wide range of shutter speeds and full flash synchronisation up to 1/2000s.


The XCD 45P features an optical design incorporating two aspherical elements, resulting in state-of-the art optical performance within compact dimensions. With a minimum focus distance of 35cm (13.8 in) and a maximum image scale of 1:5.2, the XCD 45P is even suitable for food or still life photography. Its mechanically connected focus ring gives the lens a responsive and accurate manual focus experience. Just as the other XCD lenses, the XCD 45P is uncompromising in its build quality, technical excellence, optical performance, and balance in handheld use in addition to its built-in leaf shutter that allows for flash sync up to 1/2000s.


The XCD 45P has been designed with discreet portability in mind and thanks to evolved designs, both the autofocus motor and leaf shutter have been reduced in audible noise. Photographers will find that the new XCD 45P leaf shutter is less audible than many focal plane mechanical shutters.

Sample Images Gallery

X1D II 50C + XCD 4/45P

X1D II 50C + XCD 4/45P


Focal length 46.2 mm

Equivalent Focal length (24x36) 36 mm

Aperture range 4 - 22

Angle of view diag/hor/vert 61°/50°/39°

Length/diameter 52 / 80 mm

Length (from camera lens mount flange) 47 mm

Weight (excl. covers and lens shade) 320 g

Filter diameter 62 mm

Close Focus Range

Product number CP.HB.00000457.01

Minimum distance object to image plane 0.35m

Maximum image scale 1:5.2

Corresponding area of coverage 23 x 17 cm
(28 x 21 cm)

Corresponding exposure reduction 0.6 f-stops

Compatibilty Hasselblad X System cameras

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