Moza Mini-MX SmartPhone Gimbal - Black

Say Goodbye to Shaky Video

The MOZA Mini MX, with "Deep Red" anti-shake algorithm, delivers super-smooth professionally stabilised cinematic footage. wether walking or running, MOZA Mini MX can handle your style of filmmaking. With a maximum payload capacity of 280g/9.9oz, the MOZA Mini MX makes it easy to film even with a large-screen smartphone.

Easy to Use

Native Camera Support

Unlike traditional gimbals that require complicated manual balancing steps, set up for the MOZA Mini MX gimbal is quick and easy. Start Filming in seconds just connect over Bluetooth, and select a filming mode. The MOZA Mini MX gimbal also offers access to basic camera controls, making creative control more comfortable

Instant Portrait and Landscape Transition

Triple press the power button to easily switch between portrait and landscape filming to quickly adapt to various shooting scenes. so that you will never miss the action.

All-in-one Intuitive Panel

MOZA's integrated button panel was designed with the user in mind. Its simplistic layout allows you to control the camera easily and intuitively with one-handed operation.

MOZA Genie - Create Your Story

Magic Mode

Looking for inspiration? Let Magic Mode be your muse. MOZA Genie offers a wide variety of built-in creative shooting templates to make your next movie creation easy and fun. Simply select a style and follow the on-screen tips to create your next masterpiece

Always in Focus

Keep your subject in focus at all times. Simply select the subject, set the focus area and let the camera do the rest. Your subject will stay in sharp focus as it moves throughout the frame.

Smart Gesture Control

Enjoy hands -free shooting with Smart Gesture Control. Simply compose your shot, mount your camera, and use simple hand gestures to trigger shutter and start/stop recording.

Edit & Share

The MOZA Genie App offers a linear editing system packed with tools normally found on porfessional editing software. Functions such as Cut, Paste, Splice, Filters, Effects, Transitions, Music, Subtitles and more. Now your smartphone can become a powerful editing desk with the MOZA Genie App

Filters Effects Music Subtitiles

No Bigger than Your Palm

The spiral folding design of the MOZA Mini MX allows the gimbal to fit into the palm of your hand, a small hangbag, or back pocket. The overall small size of the MOZA Mini MX makes it the perfect travel gimbal.

Folding Size:

Advanced Shooting Modes

Fast Tracking

Click the smart trigger, and the intelligent algorithm built in MOZA Genie
will automatically identify the object and lock it quickly, allowing you to track
the moving object faster.


Slow Motion



Create dramatic, poetic scenes in Slow Motion Mode. Capture your
audience with the emotion and essence of the moment. 
  Capture beautiful changing scenery and the passage of time in
Time-lapse Mode. Share events such as sunrise or sunset or a blooming flower in a unique and fun way.  

Inception Mode

Create movies with impact and emotion in inception mode. With a
Dynamic rotating lens effect, create an aesthetic feel of changing space and atmosphere

Sports Gear Mode


Vertigo Mode

Shooting fast action sports scenes has never been easier in Sports Gear Mode. Select this mode to improve gimbal sensitivity and response time when tracking all the action. You'll never miss that decisive moment again.    Adjust zoom to add dimension and depth to your characters' emotions and overall storyline in Vertigo Mode..  

Ergonomic Design

The MOZA Mini MX was designed with the user's comfort in mind. Ergonomic set up allows you to shoot naturally in different angles to get the best shot. Continuous shooting is easy without strain on your wrist.

Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Using extensive user research, the MOZA Mini MX was designed to address and resolve the common challenges of mobile video creation. MOZA Mini MX puts the power of movie making in your hands with effortlessly.

Create Your Story Now

Vlog Live Streaming Travel Wedding Interviw Daily Moments.


Payload: 280g

Weight 412g

Dimensions (mm) Expanded: 120*120*265(L*W*H)
Folded: 145*50*180mm


Supported Smartphone Dimensions 60~88 mm

Supported Phones OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 7T, Honor 30, Honor V20, Honor 20,Honor 20 Youth Edition,Honor 10,Honor 8X,Honor Magic2 ,iPhone 11,iPhone XS MAX,iPhone 8p,HUAWEI P40 Pro+ , HUAWEI P40 Pro 5G, HUAWEI P30 Pro,HUAWEI P30, HUAWEI Mate 30 5G Pro, HUAWEI Mate 20(UD) ,HUAWEI Mate 9 , HUAWEI Nova 7 Pro 5G ,HUAWEI Nova 5i Pro, HUAWEI Nova 5 Pro ,Xiaomi 10 ,nubia Z17 Mini,VIVO X50 ,VIVO X27 ,Samsung Galaxy Z Flip ,Samsung S9 ,Samsung S20+,Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G(More phones are being tested. For more compatible plans please follow up with the updates)


Battery Life 20hrs (under balanced status)

Battery Specifications Standard Voltage: 7.4V
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

Charging Time 2.5hrs


Mechanical Angles Pan:340°


Bluetooth Bluetooth version 5.1

Bluetooth Control Range 5m


Built-in Camera Control Support

App Camera Support

Camera Control Support

Zoom Control 1. Button zoom 2. Automatic zoom

Focus Control Support

Object Tracking Support

Time-lapse Support

Panorama Support

Smart Gesture Control Support

Slow Motion Support (available for Android)

Manual Mode Support

Quick Look Back Support

Automatic editing/template shooting Support


Inception Mode Support

PhoneGo Support

Vertical Mode Support (Automatic rotation)

Re-center Support

Follow Functions All-locked
Tilt follow
Yaw follow
FPV mode

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