Urth 100 x 150mm Reverse Graduated ND8(3 Stop)Filter (Plus+)

Reverse Graduated ND8 (3 Stop) Square Filter Plus+

Perfectly balanced sunsets

Our professional Reverse Graduated ND8 Square Filter Plus+ provides a fixed 3 f-stop light reduction across the centre of the filter.

The bottom half of this filter has no ND coating and the top half has a 3 f-stop darkening that starts in the middle of the filter and fades towards the top. This allows you to balance your exposure when there is flat light on the horizon – like at sunrise and sunset – and capture more detail within the lowlights and highlights.

Our Plus+ range features 20 layers of nano-coating providing a more consistent transmission curve for truer light reduction, easier cleaning, and better protection against water, oil, and scratches.

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