Urth Magnetic ND1000 (10 Stop) Lens Filter (Plus+)

Magnetic ND1000 (10 Stop) Filter Plus+

Better long exposure in bright light

Our professional Magnetic ND1000 Filter Plus+ easily snaps in place, providing a fixed 10 f-stop light reduction for better control with long exposure and motion blur techniques in bright light.

Our Magnetic ND1000 Filter Plus+ brings ease to your creative flow with a convenient stackable, magnetic system. With less light entering your camera, you can also use wider apertures in bright light for a beautiful shallower depth of field effect without overexposing images.

Our Plus+ range features 20 layers of nano-coating providing easier cleaning and better protection against water, oil, and scratches. These layers also provide a higher maximum light transmission and a more consistent transmission curve for truer light reduction.

Please note: Individual magnetic filters include a magnetic adapter ring.

World's best glass
Made with world leading German SCHOTT.

Creative control
Dramatic long exposure and motion blur effects.

Magnetic ease
Quickly swap and switch filters.

Lifetime warranty
Quality made to last.


Professional German glass


Ultra-slim magnalium rim


Magnetic adapter

Industry-leading German B270 SCHOTT optical glass is coated with a 30-layer nano-coating for better sharpness, added protection, and easier cleaning.   Our consciously designed ultra-slim rim avoids vignetting and our durable magnalium is guaranteed for life.

  Attach the adapter once, and then switch filters with ease.

How to use

Attach an adapter ring to the lens

Start by screwing on the magnetic UV filter or ‘adapter ring’ to the lens, so the magnetic lenses have something to stick to. Avoid overtightening.

Make sure your lens is clean

Before stacking your filters, make sure your lens is clean. Attach your filter - line up the lens and filter and the magnets will click together.

Attach your filter

Line up the lens and filter and the magnets will click together.

Stack your filters as needed

You can stack multiple filters at a time, but we recommend stacking no more than two filters.

Cap the lens

Attach your magnetic filter cap to protect your lens when not in use.

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