Urth Lens Mount Adapter: Fujifilm X Camera Body

Mount Adapters for Your Fujifilm X Camera Mount.

Explore new combinations

Experiment with new lens combinations and pair your lens with Fujifilm X mount camera body.

Our Lens Mount Adapter is manual so most automatic functions – aperture, autofocus, AE metering and image stabilization – must be adjusted manually. Exposure settings need to be set manually too.

New combinations
Utilise different lenses.

Snug fit
Our consciously designed adapters have no light leakage and a secure connection.

Clever details
Anti-reflection matte black finish.

Lifetime warranty
Quality made to last.


Hardened aluminium


Perfect fit


Infinity focus

Clever design, durable materials guaranteed for life.   Designed for a safe, snug fit every time.

  Manual focus through full range to infinity.

How to use

Set your camera to manual

1. Set camera mode to Manual or Aperture Priority Mode. 2. Go to the Camera Menu > Set UP > BUTTON/DIAL SETTINGS > SHOOT WITHOUT LENS > ON 3. To focus manually, go to AF/MF SETTINGS > MF ASSIST > Select preferred assist mode. 4. If applicable, also switch your lens to Manual Mode.

Connect to lens

Astutely align the red dot of your lens with that of the adapter and rotate clockwise until the lens locks in place.

Connect to camera body

Gently connect adapter to your beloved camera body and rotate clockwise. Hold both the lens and adapter in your hand when rotating for better grip.

Remove from camera

Press your camera's lens release button and rotate adapter and lens counter-clockwise.

Remove from lens

Press and hold metallic button on adapter and rotate counter-clockwise.

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