Urth ND8 (3 Stop) Lens Filter (Plus+)

ND8 (3 Stop) Filter Plus+

Creative possibilities in low light

Our professional ND8 (3 Stop) Filter Plus+ provides a fixed 3 f-stop light reduction for better control with long exposure and depth of field techniques in low.

With less light entering your camera, you can also use wider apertures in low light for a beautiful shallower depth of field effect without overexposing images. Cinematographers can use our ND8 Filter Plus+ to create more cinematic effects in low light without losing quality or overexposing the shot.

Our Plus+ range features 20 layers of nano-coating providing easier cleaning and better protection against water, oil, and scratches. These layers also provide a higher maximum light transmission and a more consistent transmission curve for truer light reduction.

World's best glass
Made with world leading German SCHOTT.

No colour cast
True colours.

Creative control
Dramatic long exposure and motion blur effects.

Lifetime warranty
Quality made to last.

Better depth of field
Beautiful depth of field with wider apertures.

Longer motion blur
Cut 3 f-stops for stronger long exposure.

More cinematic
Slow your shutter for a more cinematic look.


Professional German glass


Ultra-slim rim



Industry-leading German SCHOTT B270 optical glass is coated with a 20-layer nano-coating for professional polarization, added protection and easier cleaning.   Our consciously designed ultra-slim rim avoids vignetting and our durable magnalium is guaranteed for life.

  All our filters are double-threaded for stacking filters or using screw-mount lens caps.

How to use

Find your filter size

Inquisitively search lens for diameter symbol. Ø often marks the spot. The diameter you seek may be accompanied by a number – Ø58 or Ø58mm. Look to the side and the front – this precious number is your filter size. Be warned: your lens focal length (e.g. 18-55mm) is not your filter size.

Place flat screw clockwise

Lovingly behold lens in one hand and place flat on lens. Gently screw clockwise until just firm. Do not over-tighten that which goes on must one day come off.

Slow your shutter

The 3 f-stop darkening of your images allows you to slow your shutter speed for motion blur effects.

Open your aperture

Or, you can adjust for the 3 f-stop darkening by opening up your aperture, which creates a shallower depth of field. You can also combine both exposure setting adjustments.

Get more cinematic

Use our ND8 to create more cinematic effects when filming. By blocking 3 f-stops of light, you can open your aperture for a shallower depth of field, creating stunning cinematic effects.

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ND8 (3 Stop) Filter Plus+

Filter Type Neutral Density 8

Nano Coating 20-Layers

Grade German SCHOTT B270

Density 0.9 (3 Stop)

Effect Cuts 87.5% of light

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