Urth UV + Circular Polarizing (CPL) Lens Filter Kit

The Duet Filter Kit

Two best sellers in one kit

Our Duet Filter Kit includes a UV Filter to protect your lens and sharpen your photos, and a CPL Polarizing Filter to cut glare, and boost colours and contrast.

The Duet Filter Kit combines two best-sellers in one compact stack – perfect for travelling light.

This kit includes our UV Lens Filter, which cuts ultraviolet light to sharpen your photos, and protect it from scratches, oil, dirt, fingerprints, and saltwater. It also includes our CPL Lens Filter, which cuts 99.9% of reflected light for better contrast and stronger colour saturation.

All our filter kits plant 5 trees and come with lens filter caps for compact and secure storage, a recycled cleaning cloth, and recycled plastic-free packaging.

Premium glass
Japanese AGC glass

Compact design
The perfect minimalist travel set-up.

Two best sellers
Cut polarised light, sharpen your images.

Lifetime warranty
Quality made to last.

Sharper photos
Cut UV light for sharper images.

Better colour saturation
Cut polarized light for stronger contrast and vibrancy.

Two filters, one kit
Minimalist kit with two essential filters.


Japanese AGC glass


Ultra-slim magnalium rim



Our premium Japanese AGC optical glass is coated with an 8-layer nano-coating for better sharpness, added protection, and easier cleaning.   Our consciously designed ultra-slim rim avoids vignetting and our durable magnalium is guaranteed for life.

  All our filters are double-threaded for stacking filters or using screw-mount lens caps.

How to use

Find your filter size

Inquisitively search lens for diameter symbol. often marks the spot. The diameter you seek may be accompanied by a number 58 or 58mm. Look to the side and the front this precious number is your filter size. Be warned: your lens focal length (e.g. 18-55mm) is not your filter size.

Place flat screw clockwise

Gently behold lens in one hand and place flat on lens. Slowly screw clockwise until just firm. Do not over-tighten that which goes on must one day come off.

UV Shoot as usual

Boldly shoot wherever your heart desires knowing your exposure settings haven't changed. Your photos will be sharper and your lens will be protected against the elements.

CPL Twist it until you see it

Tenderly rotate the outer rim of your CPL Filter and watch as the level of polarization changes.

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