Urth Norite 24L Backpack + Camera Insert

Norite Camera Backpack Set

Modular 24L backpack + camera insert

Transform your everyday backpack into a discreet camera bag and back again. The set includes the 24L Norite Backpack and the Medium Camera Insert, which fits snugly inside.

The Norite Backpack features 13 storage zones including padded laptop and tablet pockets, stylus pen insert, and pockets for small valuables. The outer shell is made from durable weatherproof recycled nylon to keep your belongings safe.

The side zipped main storage area perfectly fits our Medium Camera Insert, which features four storage zones with room for a DSLR, three lenses and a filter kit with plenty of space for batteries and memory cards. It has a padded outer shell to keep your gear safe.

Camera insert
Transforms into a camera bag.

17 storage zones
Space for all your gear.

100% recycled and durable nylon.

Lifetime warranty
Quality made to last.

Go wherever your camera takes you

Durable materials meet discreet versatility and intuitive organisation.


Recycled nylon


Adjustable organisation


Durable hardware

Water resistant regenerated materials.   Customisable organisation for better access.   The world’s most durable YKK zips.

How to use

Attach the straps

Thread one strap through the small loop at the bottom of the backpack. Then, pass the hook through the looped end of the strap and pull gently. Repeat on the top with the other strap provided.

Position the tripod

Guide one tripod leg through the diagonal strap on the side of the backpack and slide down.

Position the straps

Wrap the straps around the back of the tripod toward the front of the backpack.

Secure the tripod

Hook the straps through the knots created in Step 1.

Tighten and get going

Pull the straps to tighten securely.

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