Urth Glass Cleaning Spray

Glass Cleaning Spray

A plant-based Glass Cleaning Spray for camera lenses, lens filters, and your best tech and coated optical glass. Made without harsh chemicals, our natural formula provides a deep clean without costing the planet.

Our Glass Cleaning Spray is a plant-based cleaning solution for nano-coated tech and optical glass. Made without harsh chemicals like alcohol or ammonia, our formula is good for glass and better for the planet.

With a microfiber cloth, our Glass Cleaning Spray deeply yet gently cleans camera lenses, eyeglasses, smartphones, lens filters, laptops, cameras, tablets, and desktop computer screens.

Each 30ml aluminium bottle contains about 150 cleans.

Natural ingredients
Free from harsh chemicals.

Refillable bottle
Less waste, more cleans.

A safe solution
For coated glass.

Concentrated clean
One spray is all you need.


Gentle microfibre wipe


Durable design


Clean ingredients

For cleaning smudges, dust and fingerprints.
  Light and leak-proof aluminium bottle.
  Plant-based spray free from ammonia and alcohol.

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