StediLens Beanbag Support

StediLens Beanbag Support.

The StediLens Beanbag is used with the Gimbal-like Base Support and provides additional height when required. The Gimbal-like Base Support fits easily into the Beanbag, and you are ready to take your next perfect shot.


Height Enhancement: This product, when paired with the Gimbal-like base support, offers an additional height boost, allowing for versatile shooting angles and perspectives.

Portability: It is designed to be easy to carry, making it a convenient accessory for photographers on the go.

Gimbal-Like Movement: When used with the Gimbal-like Base Support, it provides the advantage of gimbal-like movement, ensuring smoother and more stable camera operation for capturing steady shots.

Multi-Purpose Use: Besides its primary function, it can also function as a dead rest, adding to its versatility and utility in various shooting scenarios.

Weight 1KG

Dimensions L 14cm, W 14cm, H 12cm

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