PGYTECH Mantispod

Tripod to handheld

Instantly switch from tripod to handheld without changing your camera's angle.

Portrait to landscape

The adapter of MantisPod/ MantisPod Pro is able to rotate 360° to shoot from portrait to landscape mode.

Dovetail cold shoe mount

Instantly change the plate’s position. It's easy to setup and protects your camera from falling off.

Patented SnapLock System

MantisPod Pro uses a patented SnapLock system to make your camera setup more efficient. We got rid of the tedious traditional knob and created a SnapLock plate that mounts in one easy step. It’s locks extra safely to make it even more secure. The patented SnapLock plate is Arca-Swiss compatible and contains a tight fitting screw to avoid it coming undone like traditional quick release plates often do.

Step Out of Your Creation Comfort Zone

The innovative Mantis Mode lets you hang the tripod from any surface to capture every angle. It replaces cumbersome tripods and help you create interview angles, close-ups, detailed shots or any other such creative angle all on your own as if being trailed by a professional photographer.

Built-in Detachable Mini Phone Holder

There's a built-in detachable Mini Phone Holder in one of the legs to allow you to shoot and instantly share your images via your phone. it includes a cold shoe mount for accessories. The Arca -Swiss mount and 1/4" screw hold are designed to be widely compatible.

Instant and Flexible

Easy To Carry

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