Insta360 Waist Strap / Back Bar (No Selfie Stick)

Back Bar

Belt up for impossible follow shots.

Shoot low-flying angles with ease.

Attach the Insta360 Action Invisible Selfie Stick for even sturdier third-person follow shots that look like they're filmed with a drone.

Upgraded design.

Freely change the angle with the adjustable base. Specially designed with aluminum CNC and a metal locking structure for steady and secure movements, no matter the action.

Six layers of comfort and support.

The wraparound Waist Strap is made up of three layers of soft, comfortable cushion and three layers of hard cushion for excellent lumbar support.

Built for action.

Suitable for high-intensity sports. Keeps the camera and selfie stick secure so you can focus on the action.

In The Box

1x Waist Strap


Enhanced Waist Strap:

1. Please assemble the Waist Strap according to the instructions. Do not use it with any other accessories or modify it in any way. Insta360 is not responsible for any damage caused by failure to follow the instructions, and the warranty will be invalid.

2. The Waist Strap is only compatible with the Insta360 Action Invisible Selfie Stick. Please do not use it with other selfie sticks or attachments.

3. The maximum Waist Strap circumference is 105cm (41.3in). The maximum camera weight is 400g (14oz).

4. The maximum speed limit is 80km/h (50mph) on smooth roads and 40km/h (25mph) off-road.

5. After use, please air dry the Waist Strap and store it in a cool, dry space. After surfing or other water sports, wash it in fresh water and air dry it. The Waist Strap is not machine washable. Please hand wash it.

Ensure the Velcro is free from dirt to maintain the adhesiveness.

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