Insta360 Triple Suction Cup Car Mount

Insta360 Triple Suction Cup Car Mount

Next-level perspectives, unlocked.

Break the limits of traditional car shots, unlock more creative angles, and get blockbuster content with one mount.

Invisible Selfie Stick for epic third-person views.

Incredible drone-like follow shots with the strong Action Invisible Selfie Stick. It automatically disappears from 360 shots for impossible-looking third-person perspectives.

Super suction, holds on tight.

The all-new patented design guarantees stability and safety. Firmly attach it to the car body with confidence—a truly easy-to-install, reliable mount.

High-quality materials, solid and stable build.

The all-metal suction cup base and carbon fibre support bar are designed with care, built to withstand bumps and shakes. Drive on with peace of mind.

Modular design, flexible use cases.

Choose from single, double or triple suction cups depending on your ride and needs.

Strong and secure triple suction cups. Drive in the city with the dual suction cups.

The triangular triple cup structure is built for country roads and provides maximum stability.


Net weight: 532g (18.7oz)

Suction Cup Diameter: 7.3cm (2.9in)

Material: aluminium alloy, carbon fiber, rubber, plastic


1. Please follow these instructions to install and use, do not perform DIY or connect third-party accessories. Failure or damage caused by not following the instructions is not covered by Insta360 warranty or exchange services;

2. This accessory is not recommended for use on public roads, please ensure that the surrounding road environment is safe before use.

3. This car Dual/Triple Suction Cup Car Mount can only be used with the Insta360 Action Invisible Selfie Stick, do not use with other selfie sticks.

4. Please use this product in a 0-40°C (32-104°F) ambient temperature environment.

5. Please try to install the suction cup on the same horizontal plane (or a plane with minimal slope). If it is not possible to install on the same horizontal plane, the suction cups on both sides of the horizontal support bar must be attached to the same plane, and the suction cups on the expansion support bar must be installed on the other plane.

6. Before mounting the suction cups, make sure that the surface is smooth and clean.

7. When mounting the suction cups, make sure that the suction cups have been completely fitted to the plane. If the suction cup does not fit, loosen the knob and adjust the angle of the suction cup; install the suction cup again and tighten the knob.

8. The white area on the piston is the indicator line. Observe this indicator line after the suction cup is installed. If the indicator line returns to the outside of the pump body for a short period of time (you can see the indicator line on the outside), there is an air leak and the suction cup needs to be reinstalled.

9. After installing the complete bracket, you need to make sure that all knobs on the bracket are tightened. Do not use the suction cup mount if the knobs cannot be tightened, or if the connection of the suction cup adapter, telescopic support rod or self-timer remains unlocked after all the knobs have been tightened.

10. When in use, if stopping for a break, please check the suction cup for any accidental air leakage (you can see the indicator line on the outside). If the suction cup has already leaked, please reattach the suction cup to prevent the bracket from falling and damaging the camera.

11. To remove the suction cups, pry the edges of the suction cups with your fingers to create a gap between the suction cups and the plane, then the suction cups can be easily removed.

12. After use, if the surface of the suction cup is dirty, you need to wipe it clean in time to ensure that the suction cup can maintain sufficient force when used next time.

13. please do not use it in excessively rugged off-road conditions (including but not limited to large rocks, very bumpy, steep mountain roads), and do not drive the vehicle at speeds exceeding 100km/h (62 mph).

14.please do not use it on roads other than smooth tarmac and do not drive the vehicle at speeds exceeding 80km/h (50mph).

15. The suction cups in this product are modular in design, when a single suction cup is used, it only supports to connect the Insta360 Action Invisible Selfie Stick. Keep it in a contracted state, do not expand the selfie stick.

16. The dynamic load of the suction cup mount is 300g when driving and the selfie stick is fully extended, please do not add heavy objects.

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