Insta360 GO 3 ND Filter Set

ND Filter Set

Add a cinematic look to your GO 3 footage.

Stunning results even on the brightest of days.

Get balanced colors and contrast in any light with this set of four ND filters.

Motion blur with a cinematic feel.

Release your inner filmmaker by applying some atmospheric motion blur to your shots.

Epic long exposure effects.

Achieve unique, long exposure effects at nighttime, such as streaky colored lights in city shots, or stunning star trails.

In the Box

1x ND8 Filter
1x ND16 Filter
1x ND32 Filter
1x ND64 Filter


Material: 56.3x36mm (2.2x1.4in)

Thickness: Aluminum and glass

Size: 18x18x2.75mm (0.7x0.7x0.1in)

Weight: 1.01g (0.04oz)

How to use

Just screw the ND filter onto the GO 3 lens.

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