Insta360 Rear View Mirror Mount

Rear View Mirror Mount

Motorized capture on the go..

More angles and positions.

Easily capture epic third-person POV shots on your road trips and adjust on the go.

Adjustable clamps for convenient mounting.

Fits handlebars with the diameter range of 6-15mm.

Flexible new design for more options.

Fully adjustable base design to capture your ride the way you want.

Easy to use.

Super lightweight and compact. Easily mount on scooters and motorcycles.

In The Box 1x Rear View Mirror Mount
1x 6mm Clamp
1x 8mm Clamp
1x 10mm Clamp
1x 12mm Clamp
1x 14mm Clamp
4x Anti-Slip Rings
1x Hex Wrench
1x Thumb Screw
1x 3-prong to 1/4" Adapter

Material: Plastic, stainless steel

Weight 82.6g (2.91oz)

Dimensions: 40.2x48.5x89mm (1.6x1.9x3.5in)

Notes: 1. The Rear View Mirror Mount can clamp from 6-15mm.

2. Please select an appropriate-sized clamp. Do not attempt to forcefully install an incorrect sized clamp, as this will damage the product.

3. The Rear View Mirror Mount is designed solely for connecting a camera, and cannot be used to attach other accessories such as selfie sticks or extension rods.

4. Before riding, ensure that you have secured the mount.

5. Avoid using the Rear View Mirror Mount in rugged, off-road conditions. When riding on regular roads, keep your speed below 80km/h (50mph).

6. Please follow the installation instructions and do not attempt to DIY any modifications. Any damage resulting from usage contrary to these instructions are not covered under Insta360's warranty or replacement service.

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