Insta360 Magetic Selfie Stick Holster

Magnetic Selfie Stick Holster

A powerful tool that gives easy access to your camera and selfie stick.

Say hello to hands-free.

Easy to attach to a backpack strap or waist belt, so you can go hands-free.

In a hurry? No problem!

No delays when you want to start shooting. Simple to detach and record instantly.

Holds the camera tightly in place.

A super stable mounting position with a non-slip rubber pad to protect your backpack strap/belt from wear and tear.

Shoot freely from the mountains to the oceans.

Hands-free shooting and storage for hiking, diving, and more.

Fully adjustable to fit your needs.

You can attach to your backpack strap or waist belt by adjusting the direction of the selfie stick.

In The Box 1x Selfie Stick Holster
1x Quick Release
1x L-Shaped Wrench
1x User Manual

Weight 161g (5.7oz)

Dimensions: 94x52.3x40mm (3.7x2.1x1.6in)

Materials: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, nylon, magnetic metal

Notes: 1. If you have a pacemaker, do not use this accessory due to its magnetism.

2. The thickness and width of the backpack and waist strap will affect how secure the Holster is.

3. Ensure the Quick Release and Holster are securely attached before using.

4. The Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick is not supported due to its length (3m).

5. Avoid using the Holster in high-risk sports, such as skydiving, paragliding and wingsuit flying.

6. Do not use the Holster in high temperatures or humidity, as this could affect the magnet.

7. In cold environments, make sure the locking holes on the Quick Release are free from ice or snow to prevent the selfie stick from falling.

8. If it's exposed to corrosive liquids such as seawater, rinse with water and and wait to dry before use.

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