Insta360 GO 3S Action Pod

Insta360 GO 3S Action Pod

• Spare or replacement GO 3S Action Pod, compatible with the GO 3S and GO 3 Standalone Camera.

• Includes: 1x GO 3S Action Pod.

• Note: The GO 3S Action Pod must be used with a standalone camera. This product only includes a GO 3S Action Pod and does not include a standalone camera or any other accessories. For a GO 3S bundle with the standalone camera, Action Pod and accessories, see the GO 3S page.

• For use with a GO 3 Standalone Camera, please upgrade the camera to the latest firmware version to access the latest features.

How to use Connect the Action Pod with a GO 3/GO 3S Standalone Camera:

1. Press and hold the GO 3/GO 3S Standalone Camera Button for 2s to turn on the camera and press the Action Pod's Power Button to turn that on too.

2. Put the GO 3/GO 3S Standalone Camera into the Action Pod. When the Action Pod touchscreen displays the real-time preview of the camera, the connection is successful.

3. If a "Firmware Incompatible" popup appears on the Action Pod touchscreen, please follow the instructions to update the firmware, then it can be used normally.

Note: The GO 3S Action Pod can only be connected to one GO 3 or GO 3S Standalone Camera at a time.

Compatibility To access the latest features, please update the GO 3 firmware to the latest version.

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