Hasselblad Filter ND8

Hasselblad ND8 Filter

62mm, 67mm 72mm and 77mm

Suitable Scenarios

• Suitable for time-lapse
• Suitable for strong daylight

Hasselblad ND Filters reduce the light input and facilitate shutter speed and aperture control while retaining sharp images and accurate colours. Meeting Hasselblad’s stringent optical standards and ultra-high requirements for quality, the filters are a perfect match for Hasselblad lenses, elevating any creative tool kit.

Using SCHOTT B 270® glass and double-sided ND coating technology, the filters are clear and of low colour deviation and reflection. They can be used to shoot long exposure during the day. When used with a tele lens, the filters still deliver sharp, true-to-life imagery.

Nanocoating is used to make the filter water and oil-resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-static, prolonging the service life and allowing the filter to effortlessly cope with harsh outdoor environments.

Compatibility List


XCD 3,5/45
XCD 2,8/65
XCD 3,2/90

XCD 2,5/38V
XCD 2,5/55V
XCD 2,5/90V

XCD 4/21
XCD 3,5/30
XCD 3,5-4,5/35-75
XCD 1,9/80
XCD 3,5/120
XCD 2,8/135


Light-Reduction: 3 stops

Coating: Double-sided ND coating

Weight: 13g (62mm) / 14g (67mm) / 16g (72mm) / 18g (77mm)

Height: 5.5mm (when mounted to lens, the part outside the lens is 3.0mm in height)

Filter Frame Material: Aluminium magnesium alloy

Other Features: Water and oil-resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-static.

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