Hasselblad Vandra Camera Strap Adjustable Grey

Vandra Camera Strap

The Freedom to Roam

In Sweden, people have the freedom to fully enjoy the gift of nature, whether it’s roaming country roads, hiking in the arctic Lapland, or wandering the rocky coastlines. This right, and long-standing Swedish tradition, is known as “Allemansrätten,” or “Freedom to Roam,” celebrates nature and encourages people to enjoy and revel in the land.

Inspired by the spirit of Allemansrätten, Hasselblad presents the Vandra Camera Strap, encouraging users to go outdoors and capture the scale and pace of the natural world.

Whether deep in a forest or the streets of a concrete city, the Vandra Camera Strap incorporates the appreciation of nature and the spirit of roaming into the design with comfortable and convenient materials that allow the user to fully engage with their surroundings.

Made With Nature in Mind

The minimalist design upholds an eco-friendly philosophy, starting with the choice of materials.

The main strap is constructed with fibre made from recycled ocean plastic and high-tech textiles. The linking pads and the fixing rings are made with artificial leather to avoid animal byproducts.

Traditional Craftsmanship Meets Modern Technology

The light grey exterior of the strap is made from Oceanic fabric by Camira, a British brand with 200 years of history in textiles. The Oceanic material uses marine plastics recycled over a decade with beautiful diagonal weaving. The interior of the strap is made from Alcantara®, a high-tech textile 100% made in Italy. Alcantara® is light, durable, and comfortable against the skin. Outstanding quality makes the strap easy to take care of and retains its vibrant colour. In addition, the strap has withstood over 5000 cycles of Martindale abrasion tests to certify its durability and reliability.

In addition to function, the Vandra Camera Strap is aesthetically pleasing and fits with the hallmark Hasselblad design profile. It features hand-embroidered “Hasselblad” text on its exterior and a precision laser-engraved brand logo and tagline on the interior. The contrasting grey on the outside of the strap and Falu Red on the inside add a sophisticated colour duality. Traditional craftsmanship meets exquisite processing in the Vandra Camera Strap.

Exceptional Quality

The linking pads and fixing rings are made of premium artificial leather, with hand-sewn Falu Red stitching to compliment Hasselblad’s design history. The metal components are high-grade six-series matte aluminium alloy. The silver quick-adjust H buckle and the dark grey strap buckle are precision made with laser-engraved “H” logos. The strap length is adjustable for different shooting scenarios. To attach the strap to the camera, simply use two fingers to press the top part of the buckle, and slide it down to secure it to the strap lug.

The earth is ever-changing, and the natural world is so rich. Wherever you are, your Hasselblad camera and the Vandra Camera Strap will follow your lead and infuse the spirit of nature roaming into your creative imaging.


Total Strap Length: 1460 mm (webbing: 700 mm)

Strap Design: Adjustable length

Load Weight: 2.5 kg (camera freefall impact tested 1,000 times, horizontal swing tested 1,000 times)

Colour: Grey

Compatibility: Hasselblad X2D 100C
Hasselblad X1D II 50C*
Hasselblad 907X*

** To use the Vandra Camera Strap with the Hasselblad X1D II 50C and 907X, change the strap buckles to strap rings.

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