Moza Aircross 3 Professional Kit - Ai-Tracking Mod

Foldable and Transformable

Reshape the Gimbal Forms with Possibilities

The Moza AirCross 3 is essentially four gimbals in one. Its foldable design allows you configure it in the way that best suits your filming style.

Configuration #1


This configuration is reminiscent of the classic one handed gimbal design. A tried and tested formula which continues to pack a punch in the filmmaking world.

Configuration #2

Sling Mode

This configuration allows you to use the gimbal in an underslung capacity allowing you to get low shots of your subject. To use this configuration, you will need to unfold the handle until it's in the locked position. At the bottom on the handle, you'll see an angled tread mount. Attach one tripod foot/handle here and the other just underneath the pan motor (Where the handle joined previously). You will then be able to to orientate the gimbal in sling mode and get filming.

Configuration #3

Dual Handle Mode

This configuration is for filmmakers who prefer to use a single vertical handle with one hand and a horizontal handle in the other allowing greater control for those cinematic moments. To use this configuration simple, unfold the handle to 90 degrees until it locks and screw the tripod in below the motor (Where the handle joined previously).

Configuration #4

Grip Extension

This configuration is the perfect companion for any Slypod series owners out there. Essentially the handle of the tripod can be moved out of the way so that access can be made to the tripod thread underneath the pan motor. This allows for seamless integration with your Slypod.

Compact Size

Storage Friendly, Easy to Pack and go!

The MOZA AirCross 3 is the size of an A4 piece of paper when folded down. Its impressively compact design allows you to pack it down in a matter of moments ready for the next shoot. It will fit easily into a camera bag, travel bag or even your daily backpack.

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