Fuji EF-20 TTL Flash (TTL with HS20 / X100/X10 only)

The Fujifilm EF-20 is a compact flashgun compatible with the FinePix X100 and HS20EXR camera's.

The efficient compact design and controls means the Fujifilm EF-20 is easy to carry in most pockets or bags ready to provide additional lighting at a moments notice.

Hotshoe A folding hotshoe intelligently folds into the body keeping size to a minimum when not in use. When needed, simply fold out and use.

ISO 100m A guide number 20 (ISO 100-m) and operating TTL with the FinePix X100 and HS20EXR cameras means the EF-20 provides superb lighting for each shot. A wide panel diffuser provides effective flash distribution and EV adjustment in +/-1.0EV in 5 steps (-1, -0.5, 0, +0.5, +1).

Power Powered by 2 AA batteries, the quick charge time of approx. 4 seconds keeps the EF-20 ready for use.

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