External Flashes

Description Price Quantity
Fuji EF-42F Fuji EF-42 TTL Flash (TTL with HS20/ X100/X10 only)
Product Code: FAX1251
MPN: 16274055
EAN: 4547410160819
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Fujifilm X-Pro1 EF-X20 Flashgun Fujifilm X-Pro1 EF-X20 Flashgun
Product Code: FAX1252
MPN: 16241319
EAN: 4547410206524
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Fuji EF-20 TTL Flash Fuji EF-20 TTL Flash (TTL with HS20 / X100/X10 only)
Product Code: FAX1250
MPN: 16274043
EAN: 4547410160796
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EF-X500_FrontLeft_White EF-X500 TTL Flash (TTL with X Series)
Product Code: FAX1255
MPN: 16514118
EAN: 4547410322040
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