Battery Grips

Description Price Quantity
MHG-XT3_Front Fujifilm X-T3 MHG-XT3 Metal Hand Grip
Product Code: FAX1307
MPN: 16588884
EAN: 4547410378108
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VG-XT3_Front Fujifilm X-T3 VPB-XT3 Vertical Power Booster Grip
Product Code: FAX1306
MPN: 16588808
EAN: 4547410378085
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xt1 large X-T1 Metal Hand Grip - Large
Product Code: FAX1238L
MPN: 16431847
EAN: 074101025248
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xt10 X-T10 Metal Hand Grip
Product Code: FAX1248
MPN: 16471691
EAN: 4547410305814
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x-t1 strap X-Series Grip Belt
Product Code: FAX1249
MPN: 16431885
EAN: 4547410281415
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