Sony CP-V10BBC 10000mAh Li-ion Polymer Power USB C Type Back

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Powerful 10,000mAh capacity lithium-polymer battery

The CP-V10A houses a powerful Sony-made rechargeable battery. Made of lithium-ion polymer, the built-in battery has a high charge capacity of 10,000mAh1 – perfect for charging not just smartphones, but tablets, cameras and more.

Enjoy up to four charges on the go

Whether you want a quick power boost or a full charge, the CP-V10A’s powerful battery can recharge your smartphone up to four times2 before it runs out. Take it camping, on long-haul flights, or simply use it as a back-up power supply.

Compatible with your USB devices

One size fits all with this portable charger, so you can still use it when you change handsets. Thanks to the supplied micro USB cable, you’ll be able to charge almost any phone – as well as small tablets, cameras, portable speakers, and more.

Great Charging Cycle

Thanks to Hybrid Gel technology, the CP-V10A can be recharged 1000 times3 with the advanced lithium-polymer battery retaining over 90% of its capacity.

Easy portability from a slim, lightweight design

The portable CP-V10A weighs just 242g, so you’ll be able to pick it up, pop it in your bag and go anywhere. At only 17.5mm thick, 127mm long, and 72mm wide, this charger is approximately the size of a typical smartphone – making it great for those who travel. Plus, the clean, sleek design makes it the perfect addition to your existing tech accessories.

Check your charging with 4 handy LED indicators

The unit is equipped with a 4-stage LED battery indicator so you can check at a glance whether you have enough power to charge your smartphone, or whether it's time to recharge the CP-V10A.

1.5A output

Recharge your smartphone as quickly as if you would be charging through AC

Sony's Lithium Polymer batteries made to last

Our portable chargers contain Hybrid Gel Technology batteries

  • Great Charging Cycle
  • Thanks to the Hybrid Gel Technology, our polymer battery has high durability as it retains 90% power after one year and will survive for up to 1000 charges in a lifecycle that other liquid batteries cant match.

  • Hybrid Gel Technology
  • Unlike liquid type batteries, we use Hybrid Gel as the electrolyte, which tightens the contact between cathode and anode for better charge/discharge cycle characteristics. This electrolyte material difference is the key to Sony's Hybrid Gel Technology.

  • Less swelling and no leakage
  • When choosing a product, safety and reliability are top priorities. The Hybrid Gel Technology makes our polymer battery prevent gas generation during charge/ discharge cycles. So you will experience less swelling and no leakage during the cycles.

    Safety Timer

    Once your smartphone or other device has been fully
    charged the safety timer terminates the charging process
    to prevent overheating.

    Temperature Monitoring System

    The electrical current stops when the battery
    temperature exceeds a maximum level. This protects
    both the portable charger and your device.


    Size & Weight

    72.0 x 127.0 x 17.5mm
    WEIGHT (g)

    General Features

    Li-ion polymer 10,000mAh

    AC adaptor: Approx. 8 hours USB port: Approx 22 hours

    1.5A (MAX)


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