Boya Acc Pro System for Shotgun Mics BY-WS1000


Professional Windshield

The BY-WS1000 is a professional windshield and suspension system designed using outdoor to prevent wind noise and shock, while it’s also available using indoor as microphone shock mount.

With perfect workmanship and internal structure, it fits most shotgun microphones within 320mm length and Φ20-22mm.

It’s your useful tool picking sound in commercial video, program or film production etc.

Product Highlights:

• Eliminates wind noise
• Isolates from shock and vibration
• Fur windshield included
• Also available using indoor as microphone shock mount
• Fits most of 320mm in length and Φ20-22mm shotgun microphones
• Lightweight anti-skidding handle with 3/8" thread mount
• Also includes 1/4" adapter
• Internal coiled XLR cable

Why Boya?

Manufacturing and shipping around the world from Shenzhen City, near Hong Kong directly to our distributors. We put all our products through our own QC system to ensure you're getting only the best!

  With over 200 well-trained staff members & no less than 20 engineers. Everything we produce is a product of strict and thorough R&D. Using many advance techniques and several international standard laboratories  

Focusing on what we know! Two major categories of the audio world, Photographic Audio Peripherals and Digital Peripherals. Each of our products contains true passion and know-how for excellent sound, whether you're recording in the studio or a interviewing on a busy street.
Built for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Boya make a microphone for all applications. Maybe you're coaching a yoga class, showing off your cooking skills, filming a wedding or even the latest instalment in the Infinite Danger saga - Boya has the right solution for you!

Internal spacing: Diameter: 125mm
  Length: 325mm

Net weight: 750g

Dimensions(L*H*D): 480*134*190mm(Min)

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